8 Greatest Quotes About Unemployment

As long as there are ways we can serve, then we have a job to do. Marianne Williamson
Where there is lack, God’s abundance is on the way. Hold on. Have faith. It’s coming. Marianne Williamson
If you pay people not to work and tax them when they do, don't be surprised if you get unemployment. Milton Friedman
Automation is going to cause unemployment, and we need to prepare for it. Mark Cuban
We cannot afford to spend millions and millions over nuclear arms when there is poverty and unemployment all around us. Lal Bahadur Shastri
Of all aspects of social misery nothing is so heartbreaking as unemployment. Jane Addams
There is no easy fix or youth unemployment. Partnership between the public and private sectors can make a big difference. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
If you subsidize apples, you get more apples; if you subsidize unemployment, you get more of it. Charles Krauthammer