25 Greatest Quotes About Result

Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. Tony Robbins
Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about. Ralph Waldo Emerson
You always succeed in producing a result. Tony Robbins
The highest result of education is tolerance. Helen Keller
Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. John Ruskin
In war, events of importance are the result of trivial causes. Julius Caesar
Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Pat Riley
Pear Drops were exciting because they had a dangerous taste. All of us were warned against eating them, and the result was that we ate them more than ever. Roald Dahl
Well, we see an increasingly weaker labor movement as a result of the overall assault on the labor movement and as a result of the globalization of capital. Angela Davis
There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery. Enrico Fermi
Every choice you make has an end result. Zig Ziglar
Stressing output is the key to improving productivity, while looking to increase activity can result in just the opposite. Paul Gauguin
In fact, it is a farce to call any being virtuous whose virtues do not result from the exercise of its own reason. Mary Wollstonecraft
Social advance depends as much upon the process through which it is secured as upon the result itself. Jane Addams
I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the ground and then take whatever the result. Sachin Tendulkar
Obstinacy is the result of the will forcing itself into the place of the intellect. Arthur Schopenhauer
Character is the result of a system of stereotyped principals. David Hume
It goes without saying that when survival is threatened, struggles erupt between peoples, and unfortunate wars between nations result. Hideki Tojo
Realizing that our actions, feelings and behaviour are the result of our own images and beliefs gives us the level that psychology has always needed for changing personality. Maxwell Maltz
No evil can result from its inhibition more pernicious than its toleration. Martin Van Buren
Social advance depends quite as much upon an increase in moral sensibility as it does upon a sense of duty. Jane Addams
The inward area is the first place of loss of true Christian life, of true spirituality, and the outward sinful act is the result. Francis Schaeffer
The choices of roles I made had to do with educating and entertaining. And as a result I found myself working only every two or three years. Cicely Tyson
Joy is not the result of getting what you want; it is the way to get what you want. In the deepest sense, joy is what you want. Alan Cohen
The principles and passions of men are always the same and lead to the same result, varying only according to the circumstances in which they are placed. James Monroe