18 Greatest Quotes About Plants

We are made for loving. If we don’t love, we will be like plants without water. Desmond Tutu
There are some four million different kinds of animals and plants in the world. Four million different solutions to the problems of staying alive. David Attenborough
There are few plants that are ugly. It's how you use them that may not be pretty. Christian Louboutin
Trees and plants always look like the people they live with, somehow. Zora Neale Hurston
Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around. An extremely yang solution to a peculiar problem which they faced. Terence McKenna
God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. Ann Coulter
Plants do not speak, but their silence is alive with change. May Sarton
Nations, like plants and human beings, grow. And if the development is thwarted they are dwarfed and overshadowed. Claude McKay
For many years, I hated nature. As a student, I refused to put a plant anywhere - a living plant, that is. Dead plants were OK. Zaha Hadid
There is, as yet, no sense of pride in the husbandry of wild plants and animals, no sense of shame in the proprietorship of a sick landscape. Aldo Leopold
Annual plants are nature's emergency medical service, seeded in sounds and scars to hold the land until the perennial cover is re-established. Wendell Berry
Nuclear power plants must be prepared to withstand everything from earthquakes to tsunamis, from fires to floods to acts of terrorism. Ban Ki-moon
The uplands of my home country in north central Kentucky are sloping and easily eroded, dependent for safekeeping upon year-round cover of perennial plants. Wendell Berry
I think we should stop using nuclear power plants because it's an old system that we can't control. Hayao Miyazaki
If God wanted us to get high, he'd have created plants that became psychoactive when eaten or smoked. Stephen Colbert