17 Greatest Quotes About One Thing

Dying is only one thing to be sad over... Living unhappily is something else. Morrie Schwartz
One percent improvement in 1,000 things is better than 1,000% improvement in one thing. Tom Peters
There is only one thing a philosopher can be relied upon to do, and that is to contradict other philosophers. William James
The game will fade one day. I realize that success is one thing; impact is another. I live to impact people. Ray Lewis
I would like to make one thing quite clear. ... I never explain anything. Julie Andrews
Coco Chanel said take one thing off. I always said put another one on. Iris Apfel
There is one thing we can do better than anyone else: we can be ourselves. William Arthur Ward
We live in an ascending scale when we live happily, one thing leading to another in an endless series. Robert Louis Stevenson
You must be single minded. Drive for the one thing on which you have decided. George S. Patton
I learned one thing - never hate a positive option. Kevin Garnett
The one thing about the business of entertainment is that you have to learn patience. Kevin Hart
It is one thing to conceive a good plan, and another to execute it. Aesop
Imperialist aid is a noose of plunder and subjugation, aimed at robbing 10 and even 100 things for one thing that is given. Kim Jong Il
There's only one thing worse than to live without working, and that is to work without living. Evan Esar
I knew one thing. I did not want to be a mommy like mommy. Betty Friedan
There's one thing I never did do, and that was stink. Merle Haggard