14 Greatest Quotes About Masters

If you don't master money, it's going to master you. Tony Robbins
Practice, the master of all things. Augustus
You are not your emotions,you have emotions,and you can master them. John Lennon
We are the masters of our reality. Kat Von D
Pain is something to master, not to wallow in. Anais Nin
I will have here but one mistress and no master. Elizabeth I
Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters. Grover Cleveland
Public officers are the servants and agents of the people, to execute the laws which the people have made. Grover Cleveland
Before all masters, necessity is the one most listened to, and who teaches the best. Jules Verne
You are the master of your life, and the Universe is answering your every command. Rhonda Byrne
The master accomplishes more and more by doing less and less until finally he accomplishes everything by doing nothing. Laozi
A man that can master patience can master anything. Big Sean
Feelings are good servants, but they are disastrous masters. Dallas Willard
It takes ten thousand hours to truly master anything. Time spent leads to experience; experience leads to proficiency; and the more proficient you are the more valuable you'll be. Malcolm Gladwell