20 Greatest Quotes About Lightning

Bring in the bottled lightning, a clean tumbler, and a corkscrew. Charles Dickens
They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning. Clint Eastwood
If there were no thunder, men would have little fear of lightning. Jules Verne
If lightning is the anger of the gods, then the gods are concerned mostly about trees. Lao Tzu
Mirth is like a flash of lightning that breaks through a gloom of clouds and glitters for a moment. Joseph Addison
Lightning and thunder require time, the light of the stars requires time, deeds require time even after they are done, before they can be seen and heard. Friedrich Nietzsche
The affections are like lightning: you cannot tell where they will strike till they have fallen. Lee Iacocca
If the thunder don't get ya then the lightning will. Jerry Garcia
Stand high long enough and your lightning will come. William Gibson
I loved being outside. We'd hold lightning bugs in our fingers and pretend they were diamond rings. Loretta Lynn
Stark gray world appeared again and again out of the night in the shrouded flare of the lightning. Cormac McCarthy
Never insult a mans beard, you either get thunder or lightning. Si Robertson
Lightning does not often strike twice in the same place. Daniel Boone
My momma was slick as greased lightning. She knew how to get anybody and everybody to do whatever she wanted 'em to do. James Meredith
According to statistics, it's a lot easier to get hit by lightning than to win a Lotto jackpot. The good side: you don't hear from your relatives. Johnny Carson