16 Greatest Quotes About Africa

In Africa, there is a birthrate trap: a higher standard of living will lead to smaller families but smaller families will not lead to a higher standard of living. Christopher Hitchens
Among the Igbo the art of conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten. Chinua Achebe
To the same degree that your understanding of and attitude towards Afrika becomes more positive, your understanding of and attitude towards yourself will also becomes more positive... Malcolm X
It [is] that courage that Africa most desperately needs. Barack Obama
The worst thing that colonialism did was to cloud our view of our past. Barack Obama
Africa for the Africans... at home and abroad! Marcus Garvey
I've never really wanted to go to Japan, simply because I don't like eating fish and I know that's very popular out there in Africa. Britney Spears
No other continent has endured such an unspeakably bizarre combination of foreign thievery and foreign goodwill. Barbara Kingsolver
Our children may learn about heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future. Jomo Kenyatta
We all belong to South Africa, and South Africa belongs to us all. Oliver Tambo
One avoids Creolisms. Some families completely forbid Creole and mothers ridicule their children for speaking it. Frantz Fanon
The measure of civilized behavior is compassion. Paul Theroux
Everyone is related to Africa; everyone comes from Africa. We are all distant relatives. Damian Marley
South Africa was to evolve into the most pernicious example of the criminal practise of colonial and white minority domination. Thabo Mbeki
Leaders in Africa are so corrupt that we are certain if we put dogs in uniforms and put guns on their shoulders, we'd be hard put to distinguish them. Stokely Carmichael