August 13, 1926 - November 25, 2016

69 Greatest Quotes By Fidel Castro

The first thing dictators do is finish free press, to establish censorship. There is no doubt that a free press is the first enemy of dictatorship. Fidel Castro
Religious faith, like political belief, should be based on reasoning, on the development of thought and feelings. The two things are inseparable. Fidel Castro
Nothing in the world is irreversible, not even capitalism. Fidel Castro
Many things shall change in Cuba, but they shall change because of our efforts and despite the United States. Perhaps that empire shall crumble first. Fidel Castro
The truth is that after several decades of neoliberalism, the rich are becoming increasingly richer while the poor are both more numerous and increasingly poorer. Fidel Castro
Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me. Fidel Castro
Someday, the capitalist system will disappear in the United States, because no social class system has been eternal. One day, class societies will disappear. Fidel Castro
Without a tutor to help me in the study of Marxism-Leninism, I was no more than a theorist and, of course, had total confidence in the Soviet Union. Fidel Castro
We are not only a Latin American nation, we are an Afro-American nation also. Fidel Castro
Christ didn't choose the rich to preach the doctrine; he choose 12 poor ignorant workers - that is, he chose the proletariat of the times. Fidel Castro
How can we help President Obama? Fidel Castro
The revolution is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters. Fidel Castro
We do not need the empire to give us anything. Fidel Castro
Something must be done to save humanity! A better world is possible! Fidel Castro
We are not politicians. We made our revolution to get the politicians out. Fidel Castro
Xi Jinping is one of the strongest and most capable revolutionary leaders I have met in my life. Fidel Castro
Following the missile crisis, detente started to gain ground between the United States and the Soviet Union, so the international political climate improved after that. Fidel Castro
Sorry, I'm still a dialectical materialist. Fidel Castro
The lies of the empire and the treason of the quislings shall be defeated. Fidel Castro
It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and a plan of action. Fidel Castro
I have reached the conclusion, a bit late perhaps, that speeches should be short. Fidel Castro
North Americans don't understand... that our country is not just Cuba; our country is also humanity. Fidel Castro
Defending peace is the duty of all. Fidel Castro
...quality of life lies in knowledge, in culture. Values are what constitute true quality of life, the supreme quality of life, even above food, shelter and clothing. Fidel Castro
I’m not attached to anything. I’m attached to what it feels it's my duty, to do my duty. I think that I will die with the boots on. Fidel Castro
It doesn't sound too good to say I am the son of a landowner, so let us rather say I am the grandson of exploited Galician peasants. Fidel Castro
I will never retire from politics, the revolution, or the ideas I have. Fidel Castro
The people respect and believe in men who fulfill their duty. Fidel Castro
No thieves, no traitors, no interventionists! This time the revolution is for real! Fidel Castro
The universities are available only to those who share my revolutionary beliefs. Fidel Castro
Cuba came to be the last country to get rid of Spanish colonialism and the first to shake off the heinous imperialist tutelage. Fidel Castro
All criticism is opposition. All opposition is counter-revolutionary. Fidel Castro
There are enough doctors on the planet so that nobody has to die for lack of attendance. Fidel Castro
This country is heaven, in the spiritual sense of the word. And I say, we prefer to die in heaven than survive in hell. Fidel Castro
We must establish a new world order based on justice, on equity, and on peace. Fidel Castro
NATO's brutal military alliance has become the most perfidious instrument of repression known in the history of humankind. Fidel Castro
In my next incarnation, I want to be a writer. Fidel Castro
You Americans keep saying that Cuba is ninety miles from the United States. I say that the United States is ninety miles from Cuba and for us, that is worse. Fidel Castro
I've always considered Christ to be one of the greatest revolutionaries in the history of humanity. Fidel Castro
I think that a man should not live beyond the age when he begins to deteriorate, when the flame that lighted the brightest moment of his life has weakened. Fidel Castro
The greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been. Fidel Castro
Capitalism has neither the capacity, nor the morality, nor the ethics to solve the problems of poverty. Fidel Castro
Capitalism is using its money; we socialists throw it away. Fidel Castro
I never saw a contradiction between the ideas that sustain me and the ideas of that symbol, of that extraordinary figure, Jesus Christ. Fidel Castro
They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America? Fidel Castro
There is not Communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy. Fidel Castro
I don't think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. Fidel Castro
Men do not shape destiny. Destiny produces the man for the hour. Fidel Castro
I am a Marxist-Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life. Fidel Castro
Good athletes do not know what tiredness is. They do not know what discouragement is. Good athletes only know what victory is. Fidel Castro
I was born in a territory called Biran, in the eastern region of Cuba. It's known by that name, although it has never appeared on a map. Fidel Castro
Cuba has the cleanest and most-educated prostitutes in the world. Fidel Castro